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Welcome to Zimpatient The Medical Heart of Zimbabwe

Zimpatient has brought a new level of healthcare service provision, convenient for anyone with access to the internet. It’s the lack of answers and or solutions that bring distress to our lives, for example:

  • Family ill or unwell in Zimbabwe?
  • How and where do I get this medicine or prescription at an affordable cost?
  • Can I use Self-help instead and or buy this Medicine over the counter?
  • Why are Consultation costs sky-rocketing?

Patients with minor health issues can benefit from modern information technology through Zimpatient for free. Browse the Website and talk to your healthcare practitioner fully informed. Feel at ease to ask those difficult questions with your healthcare providers (Ethical Issues) and Zimpatient will endeavour to find the answers if not the solutions for you.

Healthcare Professionals Only

Healthcare Professionals Only

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Professional medical and healthcare services in Zimbabwe.

  • 24hr Pharmacies
  • 24hr Accident & Emergency
  • 24hr GP Surgeries
  • Specialist Register
  • Dentists
  • Physiotherapists

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For more information on any of the topics you see on our website or some friendly help or advice the contact us today and a member of our healthcare team will get back to you as soon as possible.