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Are vaccines safe?

Are vaccines safe?

Vaccines and drugs often take years to go through clinical trials and development before gaining the approval for them to be used to treat patients...

Covid-Cocktail Recommendations

Just imagine how beneficial it could be to avoid a hospital admission.

Misconceptions on Steaming (Kunatira/Ukufutha)

As the term implies this is just inhalation of steam. This stems out of poor understanding of how the Covid virus enters the human body.

Long Covid Common Symptoms - Definitions

So what is Long Covid? Long Covid is a term that describes the effects of Covid-19 that continue for weeks or months beyond the initial infection. The effects vary from one person to the next and they maybe as follows...

The War on Vaccination

The statement above implies or depicts a picture of actually a war on Covid-19 vaccinations that have been developed the world over by various global leading medicine manufacturers.