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How long do people continue shedding the Covid 19 virus?

The world has been puzzled and trying to find answers for the duration of viral shedding. This is from patients shedding the virus from cough droplets, or stool . Studies were done detecting the viral RNA using RT-PCR tests

The War on Vaccination

The topic above sounds is if there is actually a war on vaccination between the Anti-Vaxxers whom we call The Anti-Vaccination Movement and the Pro-vaccination Movement

Analysing the current vaccines

Can over 65's get the vaccine?

When vaccines go through the trials the recommended participating age groups are 18-55 years for these trials.

Analysing Current Vaccines

Efficacy - efficacy can be analysed as the effectiveness of a given treatment and in this case of a given vaccine. So to determine how effective a vaccine is we need to set up some end points.