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Are vaccines safe?

Are vaccines safe?

Pfizer/Mordena & Oxford - Astra/Zeneca

Vaccines and drugs often take years to go through clinical trials and development before gaining the approval for them to be used to treat patients. So with vaccines ready to be delivered within months of COVID-19 pandemic it's fair to ask how can we be sure if they are safe?

Medical Science has developed along the years with the development of several vaccines which means the ingredients of creating a safe vaccine are already in place. What was not in place with the Covid vaccine is the acceleration of procedures some of which was dependent on financing projects and procedural agreements, but not the science itself.

The regulators and ethical committees minimised the time it got to approval, but Approval as in stage 3 Approval is a full approval not missing in anything. So at this point we have to agree that the vaccines are safe!

The next question is Do They Work?

But before that, you need to understand the Cold Chain! As the name implies, for vaccines to be effective, they have to be maintained at temperatures to maintain their potency (effectiveness)

Cold Chain Technologies that require very low temperature are very expensive by all accounts.We may not see these technologies in all the countries m.The challenge is in the lower and middle income countries like Zimbabwe, where there is a lot of populations who are not in the urban setting. Even if they are in urban settings, they may not have electricity for several hours. Just imagine if a drug which needs to be stored at -70 degrees reaches Zimbabwe, a logistical problem immediately arises. This is also difficult in a hot tropical climate it presents a lot of challenges and even more bigger challenges about whether it's gonna be useful or not. But not all vaccines are facing this issues some like the Oxford vaccine can be stored at fridge temperatures of about 2 to -8° and these can easily be transported.

There is also the Mordena vaccine which can be stored at a fridge temperature for 30 days or -20° for up to 6 months. These two are your main vaccines from the West for Zimbabwe.

About the author

Dr Fanwell Mamvura

Dr Fanwell Mamvura

A Zimbabwean trained medical doctor, a Physician, currently living and working in the United Kingdom. He brings in a lot of knowledge and experience from his role as a Covid-19 front-line worker.

Seeing and managing patients affected with Covid-19 from its craddle in Feb-March 2020, up to now has empowered him with knowledge to share his on-going experience on his blogs.

He acknowledges that understanding Covid-19 and its complications is a learning process for him and every individual. He appreciates that collating information on this menace will eventually lead to science driven outcomes and a better future.

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