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Analysing the current vaccines

 Analysing the current vaccines

Sinopharm & SinoVac do they have an Age limit?

Can over 65's get the vaccine?

When vaccines go through the trials the recommended participating age groups are 18-55 years for these trials. When results of these trials come up obviously they are reflection of the age group in which the vaccine was tested and all sorts of questions arise including - How do we know if it is effective in tjose above 65 or the elderly or in the children or in pregnant women or in person with any other problems.

Remember that this vaccine is been approved for emergency use in a pandemic. The age group tested was between 18 and 55. The vaccine is safe to use.On-going large phase 3 trials , will include the over 65.

So that answer will come.However there is no reason to believe that the vaccine does not work when you get to 66yrs or 68 yrs or 80yrs.

Can they be used in people with Medical Conditions?

All people at high risk of contracting Covid illness and getting a severe illness or dying should get a vaccination of some sort. These people include patients with Diabetes,Hypertension,Overweight,Smokers, Blood related cancers or Asthma.

These people should get the vaccine to prevent a severe illness or prevent death

There is a group of people whose body immune system is suppressed either by the HIV virus or by the chemotherapy or cytotoxic drugs.These people can also be offerred the Vaccine depending on the degree of their immune suppression. This obviously needs discussion with their Doctors.

About the author

Dr Fanwell Mamvura

Dr Fanwell Mamvura

A Zimbabwean trained medical doctor, a Physician, currently living and working in the United Kingdom. He brings in a lot of knowledge and experience from his role as a Covid-19 front-line worker.

Seeing and managing patients affected with Covid-19 from its craddle in Feb-March 2020, up to now has empowered him with knowledge to share his on-going experience on his blogs.

He acknowledges that understanding Covid-19 and its complications is a learning process for him and every individual. He appreciates that collating information on this menace will eventually lead to science driven outcomes and a better future.

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