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Analysing Current Vaccines

Analysing Current Vaccines

Sinopharm & SinoVac What's their Efficacy?

Efficacy - efficacy can be analysed as the effectiveness of a given treatment and in this case of a given vaccine. So to determine how effective a vaccine is we need to set up some end points. We need to find out if it the vaccine prevents deaths, or if it reduces the severity of the illness, or if it reduces transmission or if it reduces infection. This is how efficacy is determined

In the phase 3 trials published in December 2020 for the Sinopharm Vaccine was found to be 79% effective. This was below the Pfizer or the Mordena vaccine efficacies

Interim data from phase 3 trials from United Arab Emirates showed 86% effectiveness for the same vaccine. They are still waiting/gathering more data.

Remember any vaccine which has shown more than 50% efficacy, can be approved by the WHO for emergency use in a Pandemic.

Therefore the SinoVac meets WHO standards for emergency use and is 79% efficacious.​


About the author

Dr Fanwell Mamvura

Dr Fanwell Mamvura

A Zimbabwean trained medical doctor, a Physician, currently living and working in the United Kingdom. He brings in a lot of knowledge and experience from his role as a Covid-19 front-line worker.

Seeing and managing patients affected with Covid-19 from its craddle in Feb-March 2020, up to now has empowered him with knowledge to share his on-going experience on his blogs.

He acknowledges that understanding Covid-19 and its complications is a learning process for him and every individual. He appreciates that collating information on this menace will eventually lead to science driven outcomes and a better future.

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