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Telemed Doctors & Practitioners, who are they?

Telemed Doctors and Healthcare Practitioners are a group of doctors and Healthcare Specialists who are near where you live. For example your usual General Practitioner or your usual Physiotherapist.

These are Doctors and Allied Healthcare workers who are fully registered with a licence to practice as approved by the Zimbabwean relevant authorities.They will have a second approval by Zimpatient after due diligence before we get you to know them.

They are Independently practising practitioners but are supported by Zimpatient. They have vast level of knowledge and experience of disease processes , the local environment and the local socio economic factors. They are the backbone of Zimpatient.

There is a lot of choice for you, depending on specialty and area of interest in relation to Covid 19 illness. The most important thing to remember is that these Healthcare Practitioners do not replace your usual General Practitioner even if he or she is not part of the Telemed Doctors.

Your usual General Practitioners is the most important He or she understands your current and your previous medical situations and will be able to advise best if situations change. So do not lose your usual Medical Practitioner or Allied Health Professional even if she or he is not a TeleMed Health Practitioner

The second most important thing to remember is that your Doctors or Allied health practitioners are qualified independently practising professionals with a lot of experience. Zimpatient will be available to support them in their decision-making but they are independent of Zimpatient when they make their final decision on patient care.

We would however value your feedback from using Telemed Healthcare Practitioners using simple questions which will help us to improve the service we are giving you and the support to our Healthcare Practitioners.

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